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Company Policy

Whitehouse Lawn Care prides itself on quality customer care and services.  Satisfaction is guaranteed. We are commercially insured and bonded. 

Lawn mowing services are invoiced every 30 days with payment due at the 1st of each month.  We charge per mow.  Projects such as Spring Clean Up, Fall Clean-Up, Land Clearing and Snow Removal are invoiced immediately after services have been rendered and are due at the time of receipt.  We charge a $25 late fee for any invoice that has gone 7 days past due. Any unpaid invoices for services rendered that becomes 30 days+ delinquent will be forwarded to Loudoun County District Court and will be filed as "warrant of debt" and pursued as a garnishment.  Late Fees and Attorney Fees will apply and will be at the customer's expense.  Email quotes/proposals and text messages that transcends into services rendered, will serve as the legal binding agreement between Whitehouse Lawn Care, LLC and the customer.

Our rates are based on size and the scope of the project.  Generally, our quotes consist of  a "Flat Rate".  Large projects maybe priced per sq footage or a hourly rate of $135 per hr for the owner and a additional $45 per man hr for assistance

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